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small town llama farmer (seriously) with a penchant for stupid puns, wind chimes, and tiny detectives

I’m ok, everything’s ok 

there was an emergency with a friend last night that shook me pretty badly and brought up a lot of stuff i wasn’t prepared to go through again 

sorry for worrying anyone

i know my constant whining lately in response to stress in my offline life has to be getting obnoxious and makes my blog a very negative place for people to visit, and i want to change that. i want this to be a space of positive energy for myself and others, to share what makes me happy so that hopefully i can make others happy too 

so i’m taking a little hiatus to clear my head and get some stuff done. get back into the swing of school, get a handle on my stress and my mental health. deal with relationships and, heck, maybe actually produce some art  again 

i’ll probably be back next week? maybe longer. i’ll update my farm blog probably but otherwise, enjoy a break from me. 

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i;mm probably taking a short rbeak from tumblr 

i’m sorry 

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science-doesnt-know said: dude wtf i heard only 2 hours for every hour of class. thankfully both of my classes are only 50 minutes long. but dont listen to ur teachers study as much as u need until u feel u know ur material. pace urself. take breaks.

yeaaaa my math class is 50min and then my bio is anywhere from 50min-2 hours so it really varies and the psych class is online? i’m responsible for my own learning though so i’ll do my best!! 

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kawaiiboushi said: IM LATE BUT WOW UR SO CUTE??????

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Eheh thanks for the supervision mom pep pep pep but I think?? There’s actually a place downtown that has like just weird random stuff including all different kinds of bandaids like with cupcakes and stuff?? And it’s next to the greatest candy shop in all of existence they have every candy imaginable and a soda bar with italian creme soda and ice cream floats mmmmmm i’m adding that to list of places we need to go when u visit


cute bandaids are my weakness

but also sweet foods mmmmmmmmmmmmmmMM 

i’ve actually never tried italian creme so YES!!!


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kawaiiboushi said: My summer math syllabus was ridiculous “study 3 hours a day for every hour in class” it was a 3 hour class just ignore that and study however much you can and think you need, teachers can’t know or do anything about it anyway

Yeah they’re saying study 2.5 hours for every hour in class and i just?? um

Luckily its psychology and i’m really interested in the subject, so i’ll pace myself but if it does become more difficult then i will put in more work c: 

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ok don’t get me wrong i am a morning person once I’m out of bed

but there is a big difference between being a morning person and a morning student

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