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small town llama farmer (seriously) with a penchant for stupid puns, wind chimes, and tiny detectives


Asperatus Clouds

Known informally as Undulatus asperatus clouds, they can be stunning in appearance, unusual in occurrence, are relatively unstudied, and have even been suggested as a new type of cloud.

Although their cause is presently unknown, such unusual atmospheric structures, as menacing as they might seem, do not appear to be harbingers of meteorological doom.

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Witta Priester | Locality: Hanmer Springs, Canterbury, New Zealand

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001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

I took a sip from a devil’s cup
It’s taking over me 

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❤ How to be cute without even trying:

Riza Hawkeye (1/2)

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Here’s fuuka number 1, i’m gonna put her through redbubble before i continue with the rest to see if the size’s right, because the size was an issue with the yukari stickers. So unless i redo the yukari stickers, they aren’t getting made, sorry. -ramble ramble-

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Don’t date someone you wouldn’t own a dog with

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ぺるそな4 | しわすだ [pixiv] 

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Persona 4 Arena + Rainbow

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ok back to pushing daisies 

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By 「桜井」

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