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small town llama farmer (seriously) with a penchant for stupid puns, wind chimes, and tiny detectives

Anonymous said:
You are so important


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Anonymous said:
Not to be an ass, but I've been out of the loop on your blog here. Did you ever do that elizabeth ship thing I said? I meant it as a joke but since you seem to have liked it, I thought it would be pretty neat in your style.

I haven’t yet, there’s a few things I need to get done that have been sitting around in my WIP folder for a while now :’D But yes, I definitely want to c: 

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shining-latios said: Because it requires concentration and carefully thinking things through I guess?
dotehwindything said: its logical, its ordered. it makes sense that you find it relaxing.

Yeahh that makes sense!! o: it’s taking my mind off things a bit for the most part anyways 

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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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They’re transparent :3

**Pictures are from P4 2012-2013 Calendar

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when the hell did math become my way of destressing 

i hate math 

but here i am working through equations to calm down 

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good job lil buddy :)


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ended up working late, swung by and picked up takeout for my brother and i to eat for dinner since I’m near broke and our parents aren’t home, before walking home in the rain because my car broke down. only to come home to people asking me to do more shit for them and i’m up to my neck in homework. 

hello adult life 

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